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About Us

Brown University, the University of Chicago, Columbia University, Cornell University and Rice University have traveled together for many years to speak to students and their families about college admissions. We do so because our institutions, at their core, are similar. We all offer students a broad-based liberal arts curriculum, committed to providing every student with a well-rounded education in social science, humanities, mathematics and science. We are all residential colleges; the vast majority of our students live on campus, so much of our students' education takes place outside of the classroom. Lastly, we all practice highly selective admissions; each of our schools seeks not only a class that is strong academically, but a class that is diverse in every way and one with dynamic students who will enrich their campus intellectually, extracurricularly and personally.

In light of these challenging economic times, the members of Exploring Education Excellence understand that the cost of paying for college can seem daunting.  However, we believe that investing in a college education is invaluable.  Making college affordable is an idea that unites our group.  Consider the following:

  1. Our schools offer need-blind admission, meaning that your ability to pay for college does not impact your admission decision.
  2. For those families qualifying for need-based assistance, we will meet 100% of demonstrated financial need.
  3. For low-income families, there is the strong possibility that your financial aid package will contain no loans.

What else unites the five schools of Exploring Educational Excellence?

  1. Research opportunities for undergraduates
  2. Access to world-class faculty
  3. A commitment to diversity
  4. The opportunity to study alongside some of the best student minds in the country

We look forward to seeing you at one of our Exploring Educational Excellence events this year...